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We are all about bringing a transformation by tapping into the true secrets of a successful business.
We train your team effectively.
Our mission is to empower people to create success for themselves and their workplace

It is people and the relationships that are the driving force behind any successful team. Your team is more than just a group of people who work for a company, but rather a group of individuals with their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, and capabilities.

When we design our training programs, this is exactly what we have in mind. It is much more than just enhancing the technical skills of an employee; when you get to the root of the solution, the focus becomes centered around enhancing the human qualities of that in dividual. When people are able to interact and develop genuine relationships as a result of emotional competence, they have the ability to reach an unimaginable state of success.

Here at Philotelity, we have 2 decades of experience in the hospitality industry that has given us a firsthand look into the solutions that effectively transform the employees of a business into extraordinary people that are able to accomplish the goals. We are dedicated to enhancing their own capabilities because when they are performing at optimum levels, so is the rest of your operations.

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Training the mind

Educating the heart

Driving Performance

The ROI of Emotional Intelligence

based on business cases from L'Oreal, Whitbread, American Express and other companies.


EI related reasons for
losing customers


Greater growth profit
from high EQ managers


More productive in
medium complexity tasks
due to high EQ


More productive in most
complex tasks due to
high EQ


Less staff turnover when
selected based on EQ

Master the art and science of upselling by delving deeper into emotions and thoughts, and the way they create a magic!

With this one-of-a-kind front desk upselling training program, participants will learn how to develop connections with your customers by tapping into the power of emotional intelligence. Our emotions and thoughts are powerful aspects of our minds that influence both the decisions that we make personally and the choices that are made by those we interact with as they respond to our actions.

During this course, we will take an in-depth look into the four domains of emotional intelligence in order to become better acclimated with the topics of self-awareness, relationship management, social awareness, and self-management. These will all contribute to improving the mindset, giving them the ability to develop strategies for enhanced teamwork and collaboration, and strengthening their selling skills.

As a result, they will be able to master upselling, ultimately creating powerful relationships with their guests and taking their specific needs into account to guarantee satisfaction.

Secret Sauce: You will learn the 4-step B.E.L.L. upsell process that will jumpstart your skills.

The lifeblood of your business!

Relationships are a vital part of any successful business’ operations, however, they are especially important within the hospitality industry. Hospitality is based almost entirely upon the ability to connect with guests in a way that makes them feel welcome and comfortable enough to make the most of the services that you and your team provide and create a lasting memory.

To increase these capabilities within participants of this training program, we will look at a number of specific techniques and strategies that target relationship building with customers as well as working to establish an environment for your team that is centered around adequate collaboration and cooperation.

This will be achieved by methods such as learning the emotional triggers that can be used to result in the desired response you’d like to have on the person you are speaking with. Many believe that emotional competence and empathy are skills that cannot be learned, however, this is simply not the case. Anyone can effectively learn how to hold emotionally stable conversations and relationships with this program.

Secret Sauce: You will learn how to increase confidence in managing conflict and difficult emotional conversations.

“Leadership is not domination, but the art of persuading people to work toward a common goal.”

This training program is a two-day workshop that works to develop the leadership capabilities of attendees so that they can become successful in terms of guiding others using a variety of skills with a foundation in emotional competence.

During the first day, participants will have the ability to partake in expert presentations that focus on topics such as the correlation between emotion and leadership, the difference between an effective and ineffective leader, and learning basic tools that develop emotional competence which will lead to a better leadership style.

On the second day of the workshop, participants will further the skills they developed on day one in order to learn how to use them to establish a well-functioning culture that takes diversity, inclusion, and an open environment into account. By the end, a better understanding of the strategies that can be used to enhance performance within their specific workplaces will be created.

Secret Sauce: You will learn the tools for developing the emotional competencies that will support your leadership style.

What people say about us !

“We saw a 6% increase on our rooms revenue from the first month. We could not be more satisfied with the results. Exceptional training program coupled with great customer support.”

Andreas Stys

General Manager, London, UK

“We can finally see that confidence and leadership qualities we were yearning for a long time! The EQ leadership training had a great impact on our HODs. They are more aligned to the company values and are more capable of making informed decisions”

Migle Silanskaite

Director of Operations, London, UK

“For us, the EQ Upselling training program was the missing secret that we always wanted to decode. We managed to boost our ADR bringing our hotel to No1 position vs our comp set, and the quality of service has become exceptional. We are extremely happy with the results. Thanks for all your help!”

Agne Orliukaite

Front Office Manager, London, UK

“Our sales team is brimming with confidence, and we have seen a real boost in our productivity and sales results. The EQ Relationship training has certainly moved the things around! Great results!”

Romao Catrapona 

Sales Manager, London, UK

“As a Food & Beverage Manager, I know how important it is to provide great service while reducing staff turnover and the EQ Relationship training has made that happen. Our team is delivering the results through excellent service.”

Raul Lopez

Food & Beverage Manager, London, UK

“I cannot thank you enough! The training was just transformational and has helped our team in looking at things from a new, positive perspective. Totally worth it!”

Stefano Maggi

Senior M&E Executive, London, UK

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